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Thursday, 28 April 2016

End of innocence

My neighbors’ son, Sanu, is just three years old; he goes to play school. Three days vacation is guaranteed every week. People at home do not emphasis much anyway because the play school doesn’t teach kids much; a child is sent to a play school just so that he could get used to it as he will have go to school in future too. When I am talking with Sanu, often times I wonder what I was like when I was three years old; I was nothing next to this kid. He rides on his e-bike; in fact he runs it to its highest speed. He even showed me his mother’s smart phone and smartly explained its features to me.

Our ancestress used to compare the kids under the age of five with gods. Looking at today’s five-year-old, one cannot help but wonder if gods are like this. In today’s date, children do not have that innocence in them; they do not have that childishness in their monkey business. They only want to wear the clothes of their choice; they go to school after saying what they want in their lunchbox.

Are today’s children becoming fatheaded and spleenful? Kids that love smart phones; that insist on driving cars and bikes, who use the TV remote better than their mother or grandmother… are those kids really glorious? Their parents are nervous all the time with one tension or another. Today, they get in accidents when they are driving before the age of getting a driving license, and that too when they are drinking beer that costs more than their pocket money could allow. The global trade of smartphones, video games, and inattentiveness has forced the kids to grow before their age. The songs and dance steps that seem inappropriate to us, they dance on them with ease. Liberal, relaxed, and a childhood full of innocence, now seems like a thing of the past.

Today there is so much in the corporate lifestyle from which we need to keep our children’s away from and controlling ourselves is equally necessary too. Today, information tends to confuse terror in front of them. You must be wondering where are our children going with this, what's the solution. Then respectable moms and dads, your children are tangled in your long list of expectations; along with better smart phone, big cars and foreign trips, you want kids that are smart and sharp minded. And to get that you have them wrapped up in school, tuition, homework, exams/competitions, other activities, television, internet... entangled in the endless list today kids are as busy as we are.

Today the kids live under the increasing pressure of their parents’ unreasoned and meaningless expectations and the fear of failing them. The result is a growing depression in children; at such small age they are getting diseases of the old ones (eye glasses, diabetes, gray hair, the girls continue to get early menstruation, obesity in children increases). Many times parents put so much pressure to bring them in advertising, TV series, movies and also expecting them to succeed, which ends up as the child starting to behave like an adult. Don’t impose you incomplete ambitions on your children; that I did not become a hero or heroine, but I will make my kid a celebrity, that we have lived so poorly but we will give the children all that they need (even if they can live without all those stuff). Parents compensate for not spending much time with their children by giving them pocket money and other materialistic features. Many times to show off their prosperity, parents makes spectacle of their children.

Let the children grow up with their innocence. And to make sure that the innocence remains there, you have to change the surrounding. Let them play in mud, let them dance in the rain, let them jump around, let them be persistent but don’t make them stubborn. Let them learn according to their age and interests; don’t make them a robot of your choice.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Today's comfort is tomorrow's....?

Today's life is a busy one, competitive and stressful. 

There is no doubt that with the rising populating, the number of "Rich" people are growing too. People usually says that they work hard to provide comforting facilities in their home. Many says that they did not have such a comforting life and so they want to provide as much comfort for their children as they can.

And so these days in almost every other house, the more rooms there are, the more AC will be there. The more members in a family, the more cell phones will be there. The more members who belong to the 18+ group, the more vehicles will be there in the house. In each house there are at least two TV, a fridge in the dining hall and a mini fridge in the room so that one won't have to walk all the way to the dining hall at night for a glass of cold water.

Now think, there is an AC in your room, one or two cell phones, a TV, a mini fridge, a laptop or a desktop, a music system, a room heater in winter and water heater in the attach bathroom, and those electronic items on your dressing table. 10+

Now about today's kitchen, a microwave, a toaster, a sandwich maker, a mixer-grinder, a hand grinder, a coffee machine, and other appliances.  7+

And this was just the count of the kitchen and one room, lets count all that is in your whole house.

Q. Do you the know water that comes out of the AC, where does it truly comes from?

Q. Is the monthly bill of your electricity, mobile and internet, petrol and diesel, more than your monthly kitchen ration?
Q. Where does the waste water of your water purifier go?

Q. Each day, each month, each year or maybe the garbage of five years; how much of it belongs to the recycling truck?


Q. Are you forced to use an air purifier in your house because you believe the air is polluted?

Q. Do you know how much your city has grown in last ten years and how much greenery has disappeared because of that?

Q. Do you feel that the children of this new generation face more health problems than your generation or the generation before you?

People invest in different policies for a better future for their children. They cut down their own necessities just to buy properties and jewels for their children's future. Same way, people need to save electricity, water and this very earth, so that their children could have a place to live their future. Your children can earn their own money once they have grown, but they won't be able to earn clean water and fresh air if you spoil it all today. Or maybe in the future these things will become so expensive that the money you have saved up will mean nothing more than a penny.  

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

#Haiku निंबोली

पान गिलौरी

चबानी चाही, मिली

नीम निंबोली

मनीषा शर्मा~

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Raat ke 2 baje

Aik rat 2 baje bohat tez barish ho rhi thi.

Santa ne 1 aadmi ke ghar ka door knock kia, aur pucha dhakka laga doge kya, please?

Aadmi neend me tha isliye mana kar ke andar aa gya.

Use guilty feel hua, socha barish me koi meri help na karta to?

Wo utha aur bahar ja ke bola- "Santa g, kya tumhe abhi dhakke ki zarurat hai?

Awaz ayi - "Haan!"

Admi- "Thik hai, tum ho kaha?"

Santa bola- "Yaha garden mai jhulai par"

Monday, 4 April 2016

My Stranger

I was there, and so was he
Time was the same,
Yet it was slow
Desire in hearts,
But oppressed 
Same warm breaths,
But suffocated
The same body and soul,
But weary and tired
Once we were one
But now seemed like strangers
He looked at me, and I looked at him
Yet, were not able to know each other
Were not able to love
But also could not push away
Then why the whims of love
I am I
But, who is he?

Manisha Sharma~