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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Curse of the fridge

One morning at a doctor's clinic a patient arrives complaining of serious back pain.

The doctor examines him and asks him:

"Tell me what happened to your back ?"

The patient replies: "Sir, I work fora local night club. This morning I go to my apartment early and heard some noise in my bed room. On entering I knew someone had been with my wife and the balcony door was open. I rushed out of the balcony door and did not find anyone. As I looked down from the balcony I saw a man running out
and he was dressing himself. I was very angry,.. I grabbed the fridge and threw it athim. It was very heavy That is how I strained my back .!!!"

Later that day, a second patient arrives as if he has been in a car wreck.

The doctor said: "My previous patient looked bad, . But you look terrible .. What the hell happened to you .??"

He replied: "You know I have been unemployed for a while now ., today was the first day at my new job .. I forgot to set my alarm and I was late, .. I was running out of the building, getting dressed at the same time , and you won't believe it but I was hit by a fridge ., I don't knowhow and where from this fridge fall on me !!!"

Before closing hours, the third patient comes He looks like he was punished in hell

The doctor is shocked.
He asked: "What is the hell happened to you .??"

The patient replies:
"Well, It started like this: "I was in a fridge..

Friday, 26 June 2015

एक सवाल...

जितनी बार तुमसे मिलकर आती हूं

कुछ तुम्हारे पास रह जाती हूं

क्या तुम्हें भी ऐसा लगता हैं? कि

तुम भी कुछ मेरे साथ ही चल देते हो


मनीषा शर्मा~

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


शाम ढले वो क्षण
जब मिलते है, दो दिन
आज कल
तुमने इक दिन को जाते देखा
मैंने इक दिन को आते देखा
अपनी-अपनी नज़र
अपना-अपना नजरिया..

मनीषा शर्मा~ 

Monday, 22 June 2015

How shinig is gold in India - Part 2

Do read Part-1

There are thousands of  treasures worldwide; many stories are told about them, they are also likely to be non-existent, but to this date nobody has ever been able to find them. People have been searching for them for so long and probably will continue to search. Some might get found, whilst some might not and might remain as a mystical secret forever. Many in this date  have an unlimited stash of gold; which  they have concealed from the eyes of the world.

A few years ago, locked up inside the cellars of  Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple (in Kerala) was found vast property, most of which was gold. Gold coins, gold crowns, pots of gold, gold jewelry; all in all lots of gold. The found treasure is said to have worth of a million and twenty thousand crore rupees. Many of the temple's cellars still remains to be opened. Now one can imagine the property and its price that the rest of the cellars hold.

In 2009, a gold crown worth 45 million was offered by a politician in Tirupati Balaji temple. People saw this with their own eyes and so they knew its cost; but the price of those offering that we haven't seen is probably beyond the grasp of our imagination. Every year, hundreds of kg of gold-silver and precious diamonds enters the temple as an offering. In 2010, Tirupati Trust submitted 1,075 kg of gold in SBI. In 2010, the gold offering this temple got from just the VIP's that came here, was around 21 lakh Rs. In 2009, 500 kg of gold was submitted in Overseas Bank by this temple. In 2004 8 thousand kg gold could not be melted only because of the stones carved in it; back then its costs had been estimated 1 thousand 680 thousand million rupees. According to reliable sources, every year in this temple, 1,825 kg of gold and 800 kg silver offerings comes in. In 2007, when Vellore Sirpuram temple was constructed, 10,500 kg of gold was used into it, the estimated value of it was 325 million rupees. In 2011, 17 ton silver was found is a famous temple in Orissa, its total worth was 117 million rupees. After the death of SatyaSae Baba, when the rooms of his ashram were opened, gold worth more than millions was found.

When a temple is offered so much gold, they do not understand what to do with it; they either submit it in the bank or paint it on the walls of the temple. Those who give such offerings clearly have no shortage of money, but do they really not care what the temple would do these offerings? The black money that people are not able to consume turns into “Offerings” that they give in those temples. The temple is considered the most sacred site, but there is more black money here in form of offerings than the one stashed in Swiss Bank.

In December 2010, Andhra Pradesh High Court ordered that it is useless to use silver and gold on the temple walls. Gold plate on the temples is totally rude. The offerings to the temples should not be considered as donation but a gift, because God is the creator of this world. God is almighty. Who can dare to donate something to the creator? There is a custom of exchanging gifts;  so here we need to understand that if a person possess so much property to make such huge donations, then what does this person wants in return for this offering.  You could also say that many times people pour heavy offerings after the completion of a votive; does one person only ever has one votive in his whole life? From ancient times people have believed that if one desires for strength, prosperity and happiness, then they should God offer God gold-silver parasol, jewels, throne, flute, garlands and crowns etc.

Despite being very important for life, other metals have no position in front of gold. Poet Raheem has compared the desire of gold with the intoxication of Dhatura. 

कनक कनक ते सौगुणी,

मादकता अधिकाय

या खाए बौराय जग

या पाए बौराय

कनक का मतलब जहां धतुरा है वहीं इसे सोना भी कहा गया।

Now you must have understood why we became the Golden bird. This country have always been the country of Kings and Queens; who had always wanted to expand their wealth and treasures along with their states, and because of which gold had always been all over Hindustan. We can say that we have inherited this gold addiction and are used to it.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Student v/s Professor

A student failed law & decided to make a deal with professor

sir, do u know everything about law?

Prof: yes

student; if u can answer dis question, i will accept my final marks, if u can't, u have to give me 'A'
professor agreed

boy asked, 'what is legal but nt logical, logical but nt legal & neither legal nor logical?

prof thought it about it for hrs & pondered no answer

He had to finally give up as he really did nt know. He gave the boy his 'A'

the following day, professor asked same Ques to his students

He was shocked when all of them raised their hands

He asked one student

he answered: sir, u're 65, married to 28 yrs old woman, dis is legal but nt logical
ur wife, is having an affair with a 23 year old boy, dis is logical but nt legal

ur wife's boyfriend has failed his exam & yet u have given him an 'A'
It's neither logical nor legal

The professor collapsed =)

Saturday, 13 June 2015


क्या भाप लिया होगा तब जानकी ने
भविष्य समूची नारी जाति का
कि जीते जी देह में आग लगाने की
एक अंतहीन शुरूआत हो चुकी...

मनीषा शर्मा~ 

Thursday, 11 June 2015


If a poison is outdated or expired
Is it less poisonous or more poisonous?!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How shining is gold in India - Part 1

In November 2009, the Indian Reserve Bank quietly announced that they are buying 200 tones gold in 6.7 billion (Rs 31.654 crore). While the world was drowning in recession; Europe and America's prosperity had also noticeably slow-downed; this purchase was saying a new story of India’s confidence.

This was the topic of official gold, if we speak about the personal gold kept by the Indians unofficially then we’ll be No.1 in the world rank. According to a report by World Gold Council, Indians have over 18 thousand tons private gold; i.e. highest in the world.

India was once called the, “Golden Bird”. By the 17th century, foreigners coming to India were surprised to see how the people were laden with extraordinary gold jewelry. After the British came, lord knows what sort of bad luck rolled over the country. In over hundreds of years British ruled over us, they swallowed our country’s prosperity. When the British came to India, their eyes went wide seeing our vast opulence and splendor. Can you imagine; to rob the Somnath Temple Mahmud Ghazni invaded India not once or twice but fourteen times!

Gold is considered sacred in India; therefore it is plated on a large scale in temples and monasteries. There’s so much gold in the temples of South India that if it’s accumulated then the world’s gold would stand nowhere near India. When the British looted gold from India and started sending it to Britain, Indian Royal Families hid large number of their and temples’ gold. Even today there’s a myth that buried gold and precious treasures are scattered across the country, in hundreds of forts, palaces, temples and other places.

The truth is that even from before BC, gold has been extremely important in India. There has been a description on Gold jewelry and coins being found in the Indus civilization. In Vedic times, its use in religious and worldly ways grew. The value of gold increased the highest in Mauryan dynasty. The use of gold in the middle Ages and the Mughal period was at its peak. European sailors always had one dream, to come through India at least once. Wascodigama visited India three times and each time took a great quantity of gold for business.

Over the last decade, there had been over 50-60 million marriages in India, and we know how much is the value of gold in Indian weddings. The country's 50% population is under the age of 25 years. And according to this statistic, there will be one and a half million marriages in the next decade; that means that the gold market will get even hotter, and gold’s demand will continue to grow wildly.

For Indians, gold is the part of the well-being and tradition. Indians have a magnificent love for gold. We believe it as the symbol of good luck. Gold is connected with our traditions, beliefs, customs, festivals and rituals.

Indian woman does, “Solah Shringar”, meaning a different jewelry for every part of the body; that means becoming complete by wearing sixteen types of jewels. Gold is also the metal of love. The heart beats at the sight of gold ornaments. Its importance grows when a woman wears it in form of jewelry.

In India it is a tradition to buy gold on every other festival.
Gold is bought on Dussehra - Diwali and Dhanteras. In South India gold is bought a lot on, Akshay Trateya, Pongal, Onam and Ugdi. In Eastern States, gold is purchased in Durga Puja. Gold has special significance; in Western States on Gudi Parva, and on Baisakhi and Karwa Chauth in Northern states.

As all these festivals are connected with crops; wavy crop in itself is a sign of prosperity and wealth to come. India is an agricultural nation. Therefore there is a remarkable coordination between better yields, festival and buying gold.

Through ages, people have been hypnotized by gold. Its brightness is enticing, it calls one towards it; giving a feeling of being relaxed and powerful. It is pure, sacred, classic and is immortal. It is praised in the Vedas and is also dear to the gods. There had been so many battles over it in history; many empires were built and destroyed because of it. The importance of gold has never wavered. It has been going on since Manukal and will keep on moving forward.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


That's me

देवताओं से ज़रा नीचे

बंदरों से ज़रा ऊपर


मनीषा शर्मा~ 

Friday, 5 June 2015

The untold story of Madhubala’s life

A distinguished cleric predicted in Mumtaz’s childhood that her life would be filled with money and fame, but her life will be tough and she shall die at a young age.

She was so beautiful that she was called Venus of the Silver Screen. Her unique beauty and acting skills were even a discussion in Hollywood. She got the title of, “Hindustani Monalisa”. Her black and white posters are still the most sold; the post office issued a stamp in her memory. Her beauty and acting skills are the golden dream of the Silver Screen.

Mumtaz had a laughing disease. It was hard to stop once she started laughing. Holding laughter’s hand, she would travel the whole world. She wanted to drown the whole world in the sea of her laughter. Her sisters used to tell her to shut up; they would say, “Kisi ki nazar lag jayaigi”. Even today, her image jumps in our heart from the screen. But just as the cleric had predicted, Mumtaz Baigum Jaha Daihlvi, our Madhubala, really did passed away at the age of just 36, after living a life filled with love, sadness, isolation and sufferings.

Madhubala’s fate seemed to have had been written in haste. Born on February 14, the very date that signifies love, Madhubala had everything in her life, and yet she had nothing at all. In the eyes of the world she had nothing but happiness, but the truth was that there was no one as sad and troubled as her. Mumtaz never got a childhood that could be called childhood. After her father lost his job, the responsibility of her parents and seven siblings came on her little shoulders; the reason was her beauty.

Mumtaz's father was convinced that his daughter's beauty will get her into films and she did succeed just as he thought. The super-star of that time, Devika Rani gave Mumtaz the name, Madhubala. She started working as a child actor, and became the main lead at the age of just 14. She never had a short list of films. Madhubala worked with every superstar of her time, every big banner wanted her to be the heroin of their film.

Madhubala had a hole in her heart since childhood, and back then it was very dangerous disease; the surgery is not easy to address. Her disease was discovered at the age of only 12, but her father who was now used to sit-down dinner, buried the news. Later on, Madhubala herself had to hide the news of the illness because she understood that if the industry ever got to know this then she will be quickly thrown out. By the age of 21, she had started coughing up blood. But she would drink back all her pain and would serve a bright smile to the world.

The girls who do not get the love and affection of their father in their childhood, they linger for a lifetime for love. Their life is often clouded with trouble when they are in search of a lover who will fill the emptiness in them. She knew that life has given her a lot less time. On one hand Madhubala was fighting her body's illness; on the other hand, her fame had skyrocketed. People say that she was longing for love; she did not want to leave any chance of finding love.

Kaidar Sharma, Kamal Amrohi, Prem Nath, Bharat Bhusn, Pradip Kumar, Dilip Kumar and Kishore Kumar; these were the stars who loved Madhubala and were seeking to marry her. Madhubala also fallen in love many times, but the love that she had for Dilip Kumar was true and pure, as it was not a one sided love. This relationship was from both their heart. But fate had other plans; it did not want this laughing beauty to live a life of peace and comfort. When her relationship with Dilip was broken, she was broken too, completely.

It is said that when her already sick heart was broken in love, she made the biggest mistake of her life, by marrying Kishore Kumar. After the wedding Kishore took her London for treatment, but Madhubala did not fully recover; probably because the illness was so old. Her married life had been really difficult too. Kishore used to hit her with belt. Tired with the beating, she left Kishore's house. Because of the illness, she gradually stopped working. By her last time, Madhubala’s financial condition was very poor; she was solely dependent on Kishore’s money.

When Madhubala was alone she used miss the Njumi Baba, and would say, “Your first prediction has come true, now is the time for the second one. I want to die. I can no longer bear this pain.

By the time her death came, she had forgotten everything, even her own name. The only thing she did remember was Dilip Kumar. Madhubala wanted to see Dilip Kumar before she died, but her desire remained unfulfilled.

Goddess of beauty, born on February 14, 1933; was gone on February 23, 1969 with her unfulfilled desires.