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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Today's comfort is tomorrow's....?

Today's life is a busy one, competitive and stressful. 

There is no doubt that with the rising populating, the number of "Rich" people are growing too. People usually says that they work hard to provide comforting facilities in their home. Many says that they did not have such a comforting life and so they want to provide as much comfort for their children as they can.

And so these days in almost every other house, the more rooms there are, the more AC will be there. The more members in a family, the more cell phones will be there. The more members who belong to the 18+ group, the more vehicles will be there in the house. In each house there are at least two TV, a fridge in the dining hall and a mini fridge in the room so that one won't have to walk all the way to the dining hall at night for a glass of cold water.

Now think, there is an AC in your room, one or two cell phones, a TV, a mini fridge, a laptop or a desktop, a music system, a room heater in winter and water heater in the attach bathroom, and those electronic items on your dressing table. 10+

Now about today's kitchen, a microwave, a toaster, a sandwich maker, a mixer-grinder, a hand grinder, a coffee machine, and other appliances.  7+

And this was just the count of the kitchen and one room, lets count all that is in your whole house.

Q. Do you the know water that comes out of the AC, where does it truly comes from?

Q. Is the monthly bill of your electricity, mobile and internet, petrol and diesel, more than your monthly kitchen ration?
Q. Where does the waste water of your water purifier go?

Q. Each day, each month, each year or maybe the garbage of five years; how much of it belongs to the recycling truck?


Q. Are you forced to use an air purifier in your house because you believe the air is polluted?

Q. Do you know how much your city has grown in last ten years and how much greenery has disappeared because of that?

Q. Do you feel that the children of this new generation face more health problems than your generation or the generation before you?

People invest in different policies for a better future for their children. They cut down their own necessities just to buy properties and jewels for their children's future. Same way, people need to save electricity, water and this very earth, so that their children could have a place to live their future. Your children can earn their own money once they have grown, but they won't be able to earn clean water and fresh air if you spoil it all today. Or maybe in the future these things will become so expensive that the money you have saved up will mean nothing more than a penny.  


  1. Well written post!! From this month, I have started collecting the waste water from water purifier in a tub and then use it for other cleaning purposes.

  2. Thank you so much :) I would like to share one more thing.

    The moisture (humidity) which is present inside the room gets condensed and comes out of the air conditioner in the form of water.
    In an arid climate where relative humidity remains well below 50 percent most of the time, the evaporator coil in a residential central air conditioner will send about 5 gallons of water down the drain per day. In humid climates, however, the drain pipe may convey as much as 20 gallons per day.

    As for the RO purifier, around 6 liters water goes in an average purifier out of which 2 liter is purified and 4 liters of water goes as wastage.

    The waste water from AC and water purifier can be used in fountains, to water small gardens, for evaporative cooling, laundry, washing vehicles, and flushing the toilet. 

    The waste water from the water purifier is something that we already had... but the waste water from the air conditioner, that is something which belongs to the nature, something which we are snatching for our own selfishness.

  3. Well written and yes, well thought. This is one thought that constantly comes in my mind

    1. Thank you, Datta Ghosh :) We both understand this, if we are able to make other people understand this too then hopefully the next generation will have a better future.. All this is not that difficult to do either..

  4. Nicely compiled... Our future is in our own hand, either make it or break it... :)

  5. मनिषा जी, सही कहा आपने। हमें अपने दैनंदिन कार्यों में इस बात का जरुर ख्याल रखना चाहिए कि हमारे कार्यों से कम से कम प्रदुषण हो। चाहे वह जल प्रदुषण हो, वायु प्रदुषण हो या अन्य कोई प्रदुषण।

    1. सहमति के लिए शुक्रिया जी ।बड़ी-बड़ी बातें करने और सोशल मिडिया पर लेख लिखने से ही तो कुछ नहीं होगा। ।सब ये छोटे-छोटे उपाय करें तो बहुत कुछ सुधार ला सकते है ।

  6. Very well thought and presented, Manisha!
    Yes, the concern for preservation of environment is our duty which must not be neglected..
    and saving water at all costs is the need of the hour as we are running out of time:(
    Thank you for motivating me to do my bit:)

    1. Thank you Amit :) There is hope to save the future of the next generation if we all do our bit.

  7. Good post....jeevan me inhi chhoti lekin important bato ka dhyan rakhkar ham kuch accha kar sakte hain....

    1. Thank you Amul :) Boond boond sai hi to saagar banta hai