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Monday, 30 May 2016

#Tanka दहशत

जंगल वासी

शिकारी या शिकार

शहर वासी

शिकार या शिकारी

दहशत दोनो की

मनीषा शर्मा~

A one-and-a-half-year-old male leopard strayed into the ruins of a building and primary school in Kachhabali.

Villagers gheraoed and chased the terrified creature as it tried to escape to a safer place. The villagers managed to put a rope around the leopard's neck and feet and dragged it. When the leopard growled, the villagers stuffed a large pointed stone in his mouth. The shock and pulling suffocated the animal to death. After the shameful act, the villagers clicked 'selfies' with the dead leopard pulling its tail and sitting over him.  Had this leopard killed a human, people would have had come out on the streets with candles. But on His death, an FIR was filed against "Unknown" even though the culprits could clearly be seen in the pictures.

Monday, 23 May 2016

A Whore


A few days ago, I got the chance to read a comment made by Kangna Ranaut, on the infamous issue between her and Hritik Roshan, "If a woman is sexually active, then she is called a whore".


How strange it is, that a female needs to be more socially active in comparison to a male. She needs to be more active in family and relations. If she is a working woman, than she needs to be more active in both the office and the house, unlike a man. From the day she is born to the day she dies, a female faces many changes in her body, and she has to stay both physically and mentally active. The society, the family and the traditions, expect her to be extraordinary in these things from the moment she starts walking. When a female is born, she is said to be a treasure that belongs to another house, when a male is born, it is said his purpose is to pullulate. And so when a male is sexually active, it is accepted, but the when a female is sexually active, it is unacceptable.


If a man wants his dynasty to grow, then sorry but it is necessary for a woman to be sexually active. Or else the man always has the choice to become a homosexual.


Now we will take the next word, Whore. Who is a whore? She is someone who takes money to engage in sexual activity. How many among you can think that Kangna had taken money for the sex? How many can think, that a woman of no matter what age, who sleeps outside of her marriage, does it for money. A whore does not see the color, the height, the weight or the status of a man, all she sees is how much money she can earn from him.

Whore; a characterless woman...

But then again, there is that famous saying, "A man wants his wife to take care of him like his mother would, he wants her to romance with him as a girlfriend would and he wants her to be like a whore to warm his bed". If his wife does not do all that he expects, then he puts her aside by calling her, "Thandi". However, if she is as active as he wants her to be, he becomes suspicious. If a woman has a jolly nature (she talks with all with a smile, knows how to crack a joke, can talk to men as freely as she can talk with women), then everyone thinks she is characterless.


Women who works in night shifts, has a touring job, or has to do the field work, the "Aaspass ki sugbugahat" deems her characterless. I had seen an ad once, in which the model was saying,"If we do a job in daylight, then it is accepted. But if we do the same job at night, then it’s not okay?" It is said that a woman wants all her needs to be fulfilled by one man. But every man only wants one thing from every woman. And yet, he is not considered characterless.


Just as by asking, "Kitne aadmi the?!”, Gabbar (Sholay), does not becomes a gay; the same way, your success, that you have earned on your own, your refusal to share that success with those who are more successful than you and along with it all if you are sexually active too, then that does not make you a whore Kangna.


There are many famous characters that I know of, whom I can call characterless openly. And you won't be able to disagree with me even if would want to. Urvashi, Menaka, Rambha, and Tilottama; what are your thoughts about these names? Men who stayed far away from the worldly distractions, from bonds such as family, and lived deep in the forests meditating half their life, these women distracted them. These women, and those like them, lured these men away with their beauty, or to be more straightforward, with their sexuality. If in today's date, a woman does this, she will be called a whore; then why were the names mentioned above called "Apsaras"?


I've read in many books and magazines, that our Nation's Father, Shri Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, used to sleep with unmarried naked girls, to test his control over his body. 

Did he truly control himself every time? Or was there a guard standing by the bedside to tell him, "Sir, control!” 

Who were those girls? Did they belong to respectable families? Did they sleep with him thinking, that he truly won't touch them. If this really was true, then why did they sleep with him? Were they willing? Or were they obligated to do so? Did Mahatma or those people from the Aashram, never gave a single thought about what future these girls will have? Or maybe there was no reason to think about their future; maybe they were just whores who did this for money. However, if they were no whores, then what will you call them? Desh Bhakts, Mahan, or really just a characterless whore…?


Will you not question the views of Mahatma; will you not question his character?


Now you can say that just as people are pointing their fingers on Kangna Ranaut, I’m pointing fingers on the Apsara’s and the girls who slept with Mahatma.

Or, maybe you can now understand, that if you want to cause troubles for a woman, if you want her to feel down, then the easiest way is to point fingers at her character. The two main reasons a person (or the crowd) would do that, is that either she is more successful than them, or she is out of their reach.


So, what is your definition about being a whore? 


Monday, 9 May 2016

#Haiku मलंग

Image courtesy: Kushal Gangopadhyay



मन था तन नाचे

मलंग हो के।

मनीषा शर्मा~

Equipped with weapons and far away from the worldly love,
Naga Sahdus; frightening and yet so striking.  

A happy and tension free personality
Nomadic - living the life of a nomad; wandering. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

So called educated people

I think about different issues, I write about different issues. These days I am thinking about nature, about how we can save it from dying. I write about it, and people like what I have to say, they agree with it and I tell them that it is in our hands to save it all.

However, I cannot help but wonder that when we write comments or articles on social networking sites, then what are we thinking? Are we thinking that we can change the world; that we can save the world? Those who are commenting on such topics or are writing about these topics, are they this mature when they are offline?


What is maturity defined by; by the education of the individual, by their life experiences, by their age or by the person’s lifestyle?


There is a family, who has been living next door to my house from the last three years; the head of the family is a government teacher and his son is a news reporter. Water is overflowing most of the time from the water tank (here we have water tanks build in the ground, where we store the water given by the municipality) in their house.

On the right side of my house, lives a couple whom I call bhaiya and bhabhi. Bhaiya is in the business of electronics but he mostly handles AC and Cooler. Most of the time, he is complaining about how hot the weather is. It has only been a year since they shifted in this house, and their house is the first from which water starts overflowing each time the municipality gives out water. Moreover, the water keeps overflowing for hours.

There is house a right in front of mine, the elder son from that family is a bank manager and the younger son is a doctor (a dentist). Water is overflowing most of the time from their water tank too.

There is another house a few steps away from mine. The head of the family is a lecturer in a government college, and both his sons are engineers. The water tanks they have on the roof of their two-story house, overflows daily for hours.


I have told them about it, tried to make them understand how wrong it is. I have been trying this repeatedly with no positive result.

People say that the world walks on the path of success if the society is well educated.

Look at the posts these people are on, they are well educated. Everyday at least two different newspapers are read by their family members, they read about the dry lands of Maharashtra in Jaisalmer. I point out how what they are doing can cause the same situation here too, a town that is counted as a Hard area, a town where 42° is a normal temperature (today as I am writing this article, the temperature is 52°), a town where there is shortage of water for even week many times. They feel no guilt.


Should I go to each such house with a plumber, to add a tap in their pipeline, so that the water does not overflow and get wasted? Even if I do so, will they really turn it off when the tank is full? I do not think so. I would definitely have to go there every time to turn it off too.

Whenever I watch the clear sweet water going down the drain, being wasted because these people think that since the water bill arrives only once in two months, and that too it is a fixed bill of rs60/- for each month, so it will not matter even if the water is wasted. As the bill will not increase like electricity bill does (a fixed bill because there are no water meters here like the ones for electricity); a part of me sees it as a crime.  


For me these people as habitual criminals, repeating their crime without any guilt.


To put it clearly, I see them as someone who murders an innocent life and then walks it off with a shrug.

How do you see these people? What do you think? Am I thinking it too exaggeratingly?


If you tell an uneducated person about what he is doing wrong, he will understand. Because he will think that if such a well-educated person is saying something is wrong then it must be, after all, the person has read so many thick books. However, what to say to the educated ones who cannot see what they are doing wrong, more importantly, do not care about what they are doing wrong?


P.s. I wrote this article four days ago, and since then I had been waiting for the municipality to supply the water here, so that I could post pictures of how these people waste the water. Four days, no sign of water.