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Friday, 24 July 2015

#Haiku कान्हा

रफ्ता-रफ्ता मैं
खो रही हूं खुद को
तेरी चाह में

मनीषा शर्मा~

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#Haiku बरगद

दिनों की बेल

युगों के बरगद

पर पनपी..

मनीषा शर्मा~

 पनपी: thrived, grew

Saturday, 18 July 2015

#Haiku दरख्त

हर किवाड़
में एक दरख्त हैं
धीरे भिड़ाना

मनीषा शर्मा~

भिड़ाना=बंद करना

Thursday, 16 July 2015

The movie buffet

When we hear about or read a story in a book then it depends on the ability of the storyteller how he narrates the story, how he manage to keep the story interesting till the very end. Over the years, stories, characters and their names and addresses vary according to the will of who is telling the story, changes in printed stories can be seen too.  Many times we see stories through plays, and they seem more breathtaking than they would  have if we had read or heard them. A story narrator cannot show us the characters; we can see them in a play but the actors also have a limit of space and acting.

If you want to see and feel a story, then for that which breaks all the boundaries and goes beyond the imagination, is the cinema. Cinema is the magic where everything is possible; to any extent, in fact there is no limit!

Today I've brought the treasure of the world's best films. After seeing these you will be forced to think and will thank a million to its creators for creating such master pieces.

If you're interested in movies or good stories, them you must watch these movies.



No man's land  = 2001

The life and passion of Jesus Christ = 1903

Les Vampires = 1915

A trip to the moon = 1902

Seven years bad luck = 1921

Napoleon = 1927
The fall of the house of Usher = 1928

The passion of Joan of Arc = 1928

Baby's Laxative = 1930
The bitch = 1931

The grand illusion = 1937

The rules of the game = 1939

The raven = 1943    

Beauty and the beast = 1946

The battle of the rails = 1946

Children of paradise = 1945

A very long engagement = 2004

Small change = 1980

Shoot the piano player = 1960

Day for night = 1963

The green room = 1978

The last metro = 1980

The lady = 2011 (France-Britain)

The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet = 2013

The Crime of Monsieur Lange = 1936

Amélie = 2001

400 Blows = 1959

Jules and Jim = 1962

Micmacs = 2009


Abi and Rabi = 1929

Lor Girl = 1932

Offside = 2006

Khane-ye doust kodjast (Where is my friend's home) = 1987

Blinkende Lygter = 2000

Vredens Dag = 1943


No man's land = 2001
Bicycle thieves = 1948


The star maker = 1995

The legend of 1900 = 1998

Life is beautiful = 1997

Malèna = 2000


The Departure = 2008
Rashomon = 1950

Seven Samurai = 1954

Oceans = 2013


M = 1931

The last laugh(a silent film) = 1924

The cabinet of Dr.Calgary = 1920

Downfall = 2004


South Korea:

Oldboy = 2003

Obalten 1960


Battleship Potemkin = 1925

Pearl Harbor = 2001

The leap year = 2010
Delivery Man = 2013
Fear = 1996

Just go with it = 2011

The dirty dozen = 1967
Its complicated = 2009

Eat Pray Love = 2010

Win a date with Ted Hamilton! = 2004

Hitch = 2005

American Sniper = 2014

Gravity = 2013


City of God = 2002

Black God , White Devil = 1964


United Kingdom:

Gravity = 2013

Educating Rita = 1983



Hero = 2004

Raise the red Lantern = 1991

Spring in a small town = 1948

Farewell My Concubine = 1993

In the heat of the sun = 1994

A better tomorrow = 1986

In the mood for love = 2000


                                                                                                               Some amazing animation movies:

Kung Fu Panda (America) = 2008, 2011

Finding Nemo (America) = 2003

The Lion King (America) = 1994, 1998, 2004, 2015

Avatar (UK and USA) = 2009
Toy story (American) = 1995, 1999, 2010

Stuart little (America) = 1999, 2002, 2006

Up (America)  = 2009

Ratatouille (America) = 2007

Wall.E (America) = 2008

Akira (Japan) = 1988

The Incredibles (America) = 2004

Megamind (America) = 2010

The croods (America) = 2013

The polar express (America) = 2004


Some others:

Call-girl = 1938

The aur of Farnancis

Racetrop (This film was removed from the internet)
The Jazz Singer (first ever sonic film) = 1927

Antonius (Dutch, Netherlands) = 1996

The piano (Australia, New Zealand)

J.F.K = 1991

Gandhi = 1991

Super Size Me (Documentary)

An inconvenient truth = 2006

The birth of a nation (a silent film) = 1915

2001 a space odyssey = 1968

Harlan county u s a (Documentary)= 1976

The battle of algiers = 1966

Rosetta = 1999

When cinema was mute, it was for all. No matter which country it belonged to, it was World Cinema. But when the characters got a voice, this cinema was divided.  Dialogs are depended on language, and language gives you a feeling of being different. But the advanced technology has found a solution to this problem, and the solution is called, "Subtitles".

If you want a movie library in your house then these are one of the best pieces you can add. This a buffet I have set up, and has all the varieties I could get my hands on; choose and enjoy!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Celebrating life everyday

India is a country of, "7 vaar - 9 tyohar". These are not meaningless or uncoordinated festivals; no each festival has significance. Gods, grains, fire, forest, river, farm helper animals, changing seasons, Constellations of the transition period, relations that stays even after after-life, dead ancestors, pen-ink bottle, books, every relationship, even crops and weather patterns gets a place as a festival. This is why one festival is named after one God and the other on some other. Karwachaut is for husband, Raksha-Bandhan for brother, Teej for sisters and daughters, Navratri puja for the girls, Ahoi fast for sons. Bachrabas for calves, Govardhan Pooja for animals who assist in agricultural. Festivals for Peepal and such. A festival on every crop sowing and harvesting. Even the different festivals in different regions, tribals who have their own festivals and fairs. Festivals are source of enthusiasm in our life. Those who are weighed down by the burden of life-behavior get the chance to be comfortable and take in little free breath in the festive season.

There is no use of celebrating these festivals with extreme indifference or thinking them as merely ritual festivities; a festival is truly meaningful when we celebrate it by understanding the significance behind its feelings and mystery. The great poet Kalidas had once said - "Utsav priya: maanva".

Human by nature is a festive-lover. The main purpose of festivals is the get-together that fights away the misery.

For Indians the way of living is - festivals; life's philosophy is - festivals. In the Indian Calendar, we have more festivals than the dates. From birth to death, we are always celebrating one or the other festival. Indians love their festivals and always manage to find all possible excuses to 'Celebrate' life.

India's rural culture is very diverse, so there are many festivals. The more we celebrate the festivals close to nature the more we will remain attached to our land. Just as tribal celebrate; hunting or harvesting grain, marriage or childbirth; they all gather around all dressed up and imitate nature. They dance, sometimes like a peacock, a deer or a tiger. We cannot celebrate a festival by staying away from nature, by staying from all those gatherings. We cannot feel the joy of nature. Those little festive traditions of localities and villages; Kua pujan, ghura pujan, jaljhulni gyaras, govardhan pooja, sheetla sampatti, naag panchmi.. Ever since festivals such as these have became rare, our sacrament of believing nature as our mother has almost disappeared. Goverdhan pooja is now only celebrated within the cattlemen and in villages. Our livestock is much neglected today than it had ever been. The growing population and outspoken professionalism have worsened the condition of the animals. People ignore those cows that are dying by the roadside because of eating poly-bags, but they cause uproar when those cows are sliced in slaughterhouses.

Festivals these days no longer hold truthfulness and joy. There is no reality in today's festivals. Now everything has turned into a commercial version. Diwali, the Festival of Lanterns has turned into a festival of colorful glittering lights. One cannot even understand if its festival decorations or a wedding!

That enthusiasm of newly stitched dresses, the homemade cosmetic bath for every festival, hand-made home dishes and sharing those dishes in the neighborhood. Many traditions such as these has almost disappeared. Instead of the crowd that used to play and shout all around on Holi, all we see are bikers speeding up on the raids. It seems as though festivals these days are only celebrated to show off.

Festivals are losing their true color because two reasons.

1) A new trend has started where in festivals such as Diwali, government officials, businesspersons and contractors share sweets-nuts, or other precious gift in from of indirect bribe. These sacred festivals have turned into the day of wrongdoings.

2) Festivals these days seem politicized. Today Muslims and Hindus are hesitant in celebrating each other’s festivals because politicians, vote-grasper and the so-called socialists have crossed a line between the hearts. Whether one has to smash a pitcher on Janmashtami or has to worship Ganesh on Ganeshutsav; instead, festivals of the streets these have turned into something one celebrates at a party or a day when “Leaders” choose to show their political strength in their areas.

Despite all this, even today in the interiors of India and ancient cities, a festival of any religion will remain above politics; everyone celebrates it together and gives other best wishes. At many places, Hindus still make Tajia and Muslims make brocade dresses for hindu gods. The aim of the festival is to share happiness and joy, not to go melancholic. When we are away from the public and nature, only the noise and the need to show off remains, as a result our soul is impaired.

The truth is that we have gotten so busy and business minded that we have turned needy, not observant and enthusiastic.

Sunday, 5 July 2015


वक्त से बलवान कोई नहीं
था जो उजाले का जाँबाज़ सुरजमुखी
दिन ढ़ले सर झुकाये मिला...

मनीषा शर्मा~

Friday, 3 July 2015

क़बूल किया

U Know What!

आज ज़िंदगी ने

क़बूल किया कि,

मैं उसका पहला प्यार हूँ।

मनीषा शर्मा~

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Deaths tangled in mystery

From Hollywood to Bollywood, from sports to politics in every area are such personalities, who for mysterious reasons says goodbye to the world.

Those who die with a reason behind their death can still be called lucky, but those who have been dead for years yet the reason for why or how they left the remains mystery, what can they be called? From Hollywood to Bollywood, from sports to politics in every area are such personalities, who for mysterious reasons says goodbye to the world. From suicide to murder, there can be any reason but the mystery of their death gets buried with them. If you are part of the glamour world then you are in for trauma. Where the eyes of the public and the media are like a big shark pool.

It is dazzling to be famous; one gets introduced to different kinds of people with whom one can spend a great time, but it is also a sad fact that it drags you into the superficial and artificial world. In such a situation, they have two kinds of pressure. They think they can strike a balance, but in reality it does not happen. On one hand they want to hide their private lives because they want to live an ordinary and peaceful life, while on the other side they have to live on their glamorous routine. Consequently they are burdened with the double personalities they have to live and become a victim of the ongoing chaos that has taken over their heart and mind. We look at celebrities from fare away and think that they have everything in the world. We envy their glamorous life. We too want to live a life filled with success, fame, money, opulence and full of amenities, but what we do not even realize is that being a celebrity means being a person who endures more injury on their ego than normal.

Divya Bharti, Priya Raajvansh, Manmohan Desai, Guru Dutt, Silk Smitha, Parveen Babi and there are many more whose death has remained mysterious. Brusli, Natalie Wood, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Walker, John Kennedy Jr., Elvis Prisle Bilnamon etc. The list is very long, from A to Z there will be a name with every alphabet.

The surprising thing is that most of these died between the age of 19 and 42. Their death was caused by the cocktail of medicines, being found dead in their bathroom or room, excessive drinking or hanging themselves. Often few deaths seem to be part of a conspiracy such as Marlin, Divya Bharati or Lee.

Whether the celebrity faces their death by their own hands or becomes a victim of a conspiracy; the circumstances takes such a turn that their deaths doesn't seem as though it was decided by nature itself. Everything happens in such ways that all that is left are many unanswered questions. More names will keep on adding in the list of those celebrities who face untimely deaths. This is a process that will never hold back, because these rich and successful celebrities who appears so happy from outside are really only scattered in their personal life. To maintain their popularity they cannot even share their problems with anyone. Their own likes and dislikes, no such thing as this is left in their life. They have to mold themselves according to their popularity. Their face goes through so many surgeries, the growing and falling weight, their bodies get addicted to the surgeries they go through again and again because of their frequent injuries.

What is the reason that despite the many achievements, gives nothing but strange deaths to these stars? The reason is the pressure they have to endure in order to remain in news. 95 out of 100 are facing depression; they have insomnia and eat medicines to get hungry, more than one marriage, and extramarital affairs, being indebted in order to keep their splendor intact or not being able to except the fact that someone else has taken their place in audience’s heart; which is why many times these so called stars do not even hesitate before doing weird things. Despite have so much money, huge mansions, an army of servants and the audience holding them up on their heads; these celebs lives with a strange emptiness and fear.

The media makes a person bigger than his personality and surrounds him with false mysteries and glitter.

Super stardom has its privileges; where even strangest and false fixations are bought and sold and an image of an individual is created. This is why their ends are so mysterious.