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Monday, 16 March 2015

How connected are we?

There was a time when we had only one channel on TV "Durdarshan". This channel had programs like; Nirmala, Godaan, Bharat aik khoj, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Hum log, Buniyad, Tamas, Jungle Book, Surbhi, Umang...

Every house had one TV. Each program and its each characters used to seem real to us. From upper class to lower class, every kid, youngster and elders used to wait for these programs with such excitement as if these characters were coming to meet only them. We could relate with each character, it seemed as if we knew them in person, whether it was Moogle from Jungle book or Chutki, badki or nanhe from Hum Log. On the name of music we had chitrhar that came only twice a week and rangolee that came every Sunday morning. When Doordarshan's news reader Sarla Maheshwari seemed like a daughter/daughter-in-law of our house. When we used to wait whole week for the Sunday movie.

Many times parents used to tell the children that there are certain programs/movies they cannot watch. There used to be a set time on which we could switch on TV.
Oh what those days were like...

Today in each room of the house there is a TV. Everyone has a TV on their mobiles and laptop. There are over fifty new channels today but we do not feel related to any of their news reader. There are over fifty channels for; music, movies, Kids... but we never stay on one channel for more than half an hour, we change it every few minutes. Each channel have tons of shows but we do not feel connected to any their characters. There is nothing family like on the so called family shows.

The truth is that these days we aren't even connected with ourselves, so how will one connect with others. We have created a rush all around. We want everything, even though there is no time to use those items.

"Once a villager had a rope in his hand that was tied to a cow. He was walking along with his educated son who was busy in his cellphone. The father asked, "Is the cow tied to me or am I tied to her?". The son replied, "The cow is yours. She is tied to you". The father asked, "If the rope slips out of my hold, then will the cow run towards me or will I run towards her?" The son stopped in his tracks. He understood that us humans are tied to technology, which is why we always running towards it."


  1. Replies
    1. What we used to watch before was real and one could learn things from it. What we see these days is totally fake, something that would be be better not to be learned.

      What that was before was sacrament, these days what we see is just illusions.

  2. Change is the only constant Manisha. However, there are still many families who live by their values of being together and spending time together no matter what. I think it is also largely dependent on people's outlook.
    Great post... thanks for sharing. :-)

    1. Thanks so much understanding this and also for liking it :)