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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Stick a pin in sadness's balloon

If there is a problem in your life, try to solve it and leave the result in God's hands.

In this world, only atheists can grievance. Because a believer of God or someone who has faith in the supreme power, believes that everything happens the way God or the supreme power wants.

The white bread that we eat, he's the one who turns it into our red blood, he's the one who gives milk in a mother's breast after the childbirth, he's the one who makes it rain after the summer and fills the earth with greenery.... everything absolutely perfect. Not a single mistake. If there would have been any mistake, the world would have scattered into pieces. But the world is intact, which mean everything is just as it should be and is busy doing its work.

Those whose belief in God is steadfast, true and strong, they have no complaints about life and the world. For example- despite my efforts why is there no revolution? Why did I get such a bad wife? Why do my kids do not get a job in any multinational company? Why did I get cancer and not someone else?

If such questions ever gathered in your mind then know that you are criticizing God, you are saying that he had made mistakes. Only those are allowed to grievance and be sad, who do respect the balance of God.

If you believe in that ultimate power then give away all your worries and troubles to "him"; be happy and do your work with certainty. Whether that work is to improve the world, or to make round chapatis.

-Are You sick?

Are you reading this article with open eyes and an open mind? If so then it means that you are not suffering from anything that might prevent your mental/physical capacity. Imagine if you get caught in the clutches of dangerous illness such as jaundice, typhoid or even cancer, then? Just take a look at the book of Pathology, you would get to read about such diseases that will make your head go dizzy.

Thank the lord that you have none of these diseases.

By the way, while no disease have its clutches on you, enjoy your health as much as you can.

If the tongue is working well, then lets enjoy the taste of Gol-Gappai, ice cream and sweets. If your skin is sensitive, then give a sweet kiss to your wife or girlfriend and give a hug to your kids. If you can listen well then listen to a melodious song of your choice. If your breathing works properly then breath in the scent of perfumes. And if your brain functions properly then be happy with the thought that you haven't fallen prey to any disease.

And if you are sick then what's the cause of the sickness? Disease, ie an opportunity for the body, mind and heart to turn lively and healthy while it has the chance. So relax and take your medicine. In the holidays called sickness, take part in things such as Art of Living and all, not only will it give your body but also your mind a new wave of energy.

Opportunities in Illness are easier said than done. So admit it that when you are not sick, such days are easy to be happy.

So do the easy work.

- Do you like sad and irritating people?

Are you always happy? Do you love those who are loving, enthusiastic and are always happy? Do we do that? If not, then we have no right to expect people to always stay happy.

If you live happily then your family, your friends and your neighbors too will make you participate in their joy. But if you are dull, sad, tired, then they too will leave you. Think about it.

-Parae Peedh

God creates humans in such large number, so sometimes some flaws in the product (manufacturing defect) are there too. For example; your wife is the reincarnation of Kaikae, or your brother-in-law talks a lot and drowns you in boredom, your husband is the younger brother of Kans or your boss is a reincarnation of Durwasa Muni. Consequently your mood goes bad, but this is a productive fault, not your fault. Don't fall on your head trying to make anyone better or to make them them walk straight. Why waste your time, energy and peace by thinking about other people's faults. Do not bother yourself if they are around. Tie one thing in a knot, that you must never get upset with finesse, vices and foolishness of other people.

It can be written a hundred times, but what to do? You cannot write it here (not even as a comment) , after all its not a book.

- What is under our control?

We need to understand that, we have control over what?

Those coincidences we face in our life, whose right is on it? Ours? No, coincidences are not in our hands.

Who will be our parents or when what will happen with us, these type of big things are in the hands of God, and how to be happy and how to be sad is left up to us.

We should care about what that is in our control, not about what that is in his control. Let him worry about the circumstances, while you keep the reins of happiness and sadness in your hand. Usually people does this the other way around. The day you get this equation right, you will become one of the happiest person in this world. Simple.

-What to do with this failure?

Those who are in the line of Business wants be the next Dhiru Bhae Ambani. Those who are in the line of computers wants to be the next Bill Gates. There is nothing wrong in such approach, but what yout need to remember is that only one person can stand on the top of the Pyramid, whilst many people will be the foundation of it. Now if the wide foundation goes up and the pointy top goes down then the pyramid will fall and break into many pieces.

You should keep trying to go up. But remember, no human in his life will always move forward. The tree grows up to an extent. After reaching the top of the Everest, one has to come back down. Nobody sits at the top of the Everest with in a tent, as no one would let them do it either. After the morning, evening will arrive no matter what.

The cycle of success and failure keep rolling. If you ever find such a failure then welcome it as a good lesson.

-These events, accidents ...

Tsunami, blasts, earthquakes AIDS, hepatitis A, B, C... these are such diseases that takes lives of millions. Can a human stay happy under the rule of these natural disasters and diseases?

Can and absolutely should be, because through all these things, you are being warned that, "Stay happy, and thank 'Me' for I have not taken you off handed yet."

When your neighbor's house falls down in an earthquake but yours stays intact then it is a message for you, "Son, this could have been your house, but I left you a life to live. These days there are hundreds of automobiles moving around the streets, in fact they are running at their full-speed. Be thankful that so far I have kept you from accidents. So celebrate the festival of living."

There are those who still remain avoided in the countless death attacks, you and I are one of them. He's smiling upon us, so why shouldn't we be grateful?

If after reading this you have realized that it is not too hard to stuck a pin in the balloon of sadness, then gather happiness by sharing this pin to as many people as you can, " ". And tell them: 'Be happy every moment and read " " everyday.'
It will make you happy and me too.

People often make rules in their life. Such as, "I'm going to quit smoking", "I'm going to walk at least 2 kilometers everyday", "If I ever get angry again I will close my eyes and will take deep breaths", "This time I will llose at least 5kg weight"... usually these rules only go on for a few days. What after that? Tak dhin tak.

However, most rules are made to be broken. So take one rule from my hand too, you are allowed to break it as many time as you want. The rule is: "I will always try to be happy". To be honest, this rule will break a lot, because no one in this world can always stay happy. Plus, there is a beauty in sadness. "Sabsai madhur wo geet, jenhai hum dard kai sur mai gaayai."

But the sadness and pain mentioned here are nothing more than stupidity.

Sadness is just an air-filled balloon. Just stuck a pin in it, and the suffering disappears.


  1. am trying to stick one too...

  2. Excellent thoughts for the day.It suits all days and all ages.You have penned it down very well.Through prayer we can thanks GOD.Thanks a lot for sharing this.Hats off to you Manisha ji.

    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Thank you so much for you kind words Sri & Kri :) And yes, people of all ages should apply this in all days :)

      Manisha Sharma

  3. Full of wisdom. Dear manisha. Stars seem brightest when the night is darker.

    1. That's the thing Abha. When the mood is down and nothing seems to make any sense, at that moment a positive attitude is needed. In those moments one needs believe in themselves and also that there is someone up there who is looking upon them.

  4. Such positivity shared Manisha, thank you so much :)

    1. Thank you so much Shweta :) It feels great when someone appreciates something I've worked hard on :)

  5. Sadness it but an emotion, like any other. Great way to see it as a balloon that can be burst with a pin.

    1. True.. but when its way too much to handle, the best way is to burst is like a balloon.. Thank you for your comment Somali :)