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Monday, 9 March 2015

Give me a guarantee

1) Western cloths are not allowed because they are the reason for rapes and eve-teasing.

This won't happen in saare or burka; you don't give a guarantee for that.

2) Do not go out late night.

Rapes and kidnapping won't happen at daytime; you don't give guarantee for that.

3) Whether its day or night, if you go out you should have a man from the family with you.

Inside the house, any family friend or a man from the family won't rape or abuse; you don't give guarantee for that.

4) Girls should not be given freedom. They should not get too educated, should not use cellphones and internet.

Six year old girls and those woman who are mentally delirious, are neither too educated nor uses cellphones or internet; but you still don't give a guarantee that they won't be raped.

5) Women should try not to get late night jobs.

They will be safe with their coworkers during day jobs; you don't give a guarantee for that.

6) Item songs and sexual scenes shown in films are the reason behind increasing crimes and criminal intentions towards women.

But if I only watch religious movies and only read religious book, even then you don't give a guarantee for my safety.

7) A woman should not have any relationship with other man before or after the marriage.

The man who made relationship with her also cheated his own faithful wife. You don't give a guarantee of punishing that man too.

8) Whether its a girl or a woman, she should not go out to theaters and outings with her friends.

We will be safe in festivals, weddings and celebrations at home, do you give a guarantee for that?

9) A girl who runs away from her house, whether to become an actress or to be with her lover; many of them are forced into prostitution.

A husband won't force his wife to sleep with his boss for promotion, a father, uncle or brother won't sell her; do you give a guarantee for that?

10) I give you my word that I will always listen to elders, whether they are my parents or in-laws and will never argue with them. Do you give a guarantee for my safety then?

It is said that what a woman says, sees or thinks during pregnancy affects the child in her womb. It is said the mother is the first teacher of every kid. So is the woman responsible for the law breaking men? Why is his sister different then him even though she's from the same womb? Every man wants a wife who is like his mother. In that case he should not think so.

The first word that comes on our tongue when we are in pain is mother. Every female, whether she is married or not, is a mother. Our society says that every girl (whose menses have not started) is a goddess, but even they aren't safe. Is man also staining the purity of goddesses? Why doesn't those "Saints" who raises tumults on God - Goddesses pictures and statutes, comes forward for those innocent girls.

So what do you want? Do you want that the female race should not exist, at all? A debate should be held between all the lawyers that are fighting for the rapists all over the country and all the lawyers who are fighting against them; after all lawyers are well educated people. Is it possible? And also all the famous media persons and judges should be present there. I give a guarantee, a solution will surely come out of it.

Let's do this.


  1. i dont know if it s the best solution but can be found in the movie, 22 Female Kottayam

    1. Hi Steven, thanks so much for taking out time to read my work. I actually don't understand Malayalam but I Googled this movie. Whatever happened with Tessa was wrong and illegal but what she did for revenge was wrong and illegal too. Something should happen that is not illegal but still makes people understand the difference between right and wrong. Something that will set fear of law in people, whether they are educated or not.

  2. The girls should be allowed to carry Taser Guns

    1. I totally agree with you... but things like pepper spray, the emergency number that many states provides for woman safety and things like that are already there and yet such things still happen. Male mentality needs to change. Also women really needs to stop portraying themselves as a weak and way too delicate person and also needs to stop forcing this mentality on other woman too. Thanks so much Pinkesh for taking out time to read my work.