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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Problems and slutions

Every country has a specific measure of land. If your area is to increase then you have to attack the nearby countries, defeat them and by the end of it all, end its citizens too and then take over their land. However, that is not possible.


Despite all efforts, world population has been increasing. Along with the population, problems are growing too. Each country claims to make fascinating inventions in every possible field for human development. Some of these inventions are beyond the comprehension of the commoners. For example, why does every country have a nuclear arsenal? Why are people trying to find water or signs of life on moon and mars when it is hard enough to get a simple life on earth? It is hard enough, because we have made it hard by ripping off life from the cores of this earth. Are we going to do the same on moon and mars, what we have done here?


The point to ponder over is that why are we surrounded by small problems after all. Why do we always want the government to solve every problem? Why not use our own mind? Going ahead of large scientific and government plans, commoners’ struggles on everyday bases with one or another problem and then surprises everyone by finding out better solutions that are cheaper and useful. With small efforts, we can get rid of even the biggest problems.

For example, inflation, it bothers us in many ways, such as vegetable price; they rises dreadfully fast. In big cities, people live in societies and every society provides many facilities such as a gym, parking space and a large garden. Split the Garden in two. Required vegetables can be grown in one section for the occupants and they should decide their price. The rest of the garden can be used to grow fruit bearing trees, this way it will be even greener and they will get organic food too. In the balcony, people can set up nets on which vegetable-bearing vines can grow. In the old times, people used to collect grains (cereals, wheat, made pickles, dried vegetables) throughout the year. We too can do that. Instead of buying from the food hoarders at higher-price, buying in the wholesale market at cheaper rate is better.

Then there is the matter of electricity and water. Parents accumulate wealth funds for their children. They have to understand that they must save electricity and water too. Today's indifference will cost their child’s future. They explain to their child the importance of money, along with it they should explain the importance electricity and water and how to save these. We also need to know the importance of solar power. Multistory buildings should use solar panels, as their roofs are usually only used to keep junk. Keep pots in the windows of the house; that will keep the rooms cool.

Furthermore, we must take the methods of rainwater harvesting and its uses more seriously. Today many countries are struggling with water and electricity shortage because we used these things carelessly, without understanding their true value.

The way we have damaged the environment and are struggling to get a settled life, trust me, earth is struggling the same way. It is struggling to hold on to the roots of the trees. It is struggling to keep its inhabitants alive. It is struggling to save the ice, the rivers, and the clean water. It is struggling to keep us alive. We are taking from it more than we need, all for our undying greed. It is trying to preserve everything selflessly. When our greed, crosses its limit then comes the flood of Jammu and Kedarnath. In which we lose all that we unnecessarily struggled for.


We have the options to live a fulfilling life, all the while preserving the nature and the future of the next generation. It our choice, it is your choice. So, what do you choose?


  1. Undoubtedly, we are the great betrayers. We blur and harm the very earth that give us space to live in. Nice write, prompts me to think about a subject people quite often forget

    1. I think everyone knows how wrong it is what they are doing. But they have become so greedy for their needs, that they choose to give these problems a blind eye. Thank you Easwar, for understanding this. What we can also do is to not forget about these things when we read them, we should share such information.

  2. Quite inspiring and though provoking !! There is so much we can do but we choose to ignore it ....if not for ourselves we shud think that we are doing it for our kids and the coming generations.

    1. This is exactly what I'm trying to say, if not for ourselves then at least we can save this planet for the next generation. Thank you, Sweta for understanding this :)