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Monday, 7 December 2015

Looking at the world through the heart

What is beauty? Fair color, perfect figure and sharp facial features? No... these are merely the upper shell. Then? Bauty is the name of creativity; creation is the true beauty. Beauty means love, something that could bring hope in the lifeless eyes. Beauty is the will do something for that someone. The courage to embrace the world, the heart, and the struggle to feel and to look at the world positively, that is true beauty.


The one who loves, is called lovable,


Kahlil Gibran says, "Every heart that loves, is beautiful"; his words ring with 101% truth. A heart full of love is bind to happiness. If the heart is happy then the whole world seems to be filled with happiness.


Beauty is skin deep,


Who does not think that Madhubala and Gayatri Devi are beautiful? However, in my eyes those who are more beautiful than these two are the women breaking stones, covered in sweat. Who struggle through their whole life for their families, but never takes defeat as an option.


The face of Mother Teresa, jeweled in wrinkles, is more beautiful than any Miss World or Miss Universe. She was someone who dedicated her whole life to help others. The emaciated Mahatma Gandhi looks incredible, someone who had once started Satyagrah. The petite Anna Hazare looks handsome, someone who was on a fast for five whole days because he could not stand corruption. Now think for a second, do the Greek Gods stands anywhere near these stunning personalities.


Beauty is in creation,


The famous creation of Leonardo Da Vinci “Mona Lisa”, whose beautiful smile had made the world go head over heels for her. One feels a smile playing across their face when they see the smile of Mona Lisa. This is the beauty.


Mirza Ghalib, who was with a white beard, does he not look beautiful to you? He whose astounding Shayari touches the very core of one’s heart. The one with short height and lanky figure, Charlie Chaplin, who had a terrible childhood and yet he made the world laugh in his later life.


This is beauty, beauty of heart.


When the Molvi told Majnu to write the name of Khuda on his sheet, he wrote 'Laila'. Upon the scolding of Molvi, "Khuda is not 'Laila' but 'Laela' , which means 'Allah' ". Majnu had said, "My lover Laila is my Khuda".


"Everything in the Universe is beautiful." Many would agree with this statement of Confucius, but it is not necessary that you would be one of them. Every being has their own beliefs, every being has their own view on it all.


For some a sunrise is beautiful and for some a sunset. Some loves the noise whilst some prefer the silence. Some are non-vegetarian and some are pure vegetarian. Some spend their whole life lost in the pages of books, and some loves the book of life. 


External beauty is short-lived. It is here today and gone the next. No matter how beautiful someone is, when the time arrives they would be as aged as one would be.


However, even if the body in covered in wrinkles, if the heart is beautiful then with age a person's beauty grows. If your heart peaceful then you would look beautiful forever. The gift of inner beauty is that it will be seen in the whole personality. All the same, if the heart is devious then the blackness will be seen on the face.


True love is the one of heart to heart. And to reach to someone's heart is not so easy. It is a struggle. Age of the outer shell (beauty) is too short. Those who truly loves someone knows that. Shayar Hastimal Hasti have said an incredible thing, "Jism ki baat nahi thi, unkai dil tak jaana tha... lambi duri tai karnai mai waqt to lagta hai.." ...


  1. Awesome quotes taken from best inspiration we can read....indeed a nice post :)

    1. Thank u Shweta, I really hope after this people would be honest about their personality. That they would understand the difference between a fake person and an honest one.

  2. Replies
    1. Its important that this belief remains intact...

  3. Yes, beauty is more than skin deep or selfie deep. Interesting read

  4. Bahut badhiya aur vichaarpurn lekh!
    Waise aajkal beauty ka ek naya aayaam khub prachlan mein hai: 'aatm mughdhta' aka selfie:)