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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Market of liberation

The fellow has everything. Big business, big income, big empire, big house. Politics also dances on his tunes. So much money is scattered throughout the house. Has all glory, the luxury, all the comfort, all the power, everything one can ever wish for.

But is still miserable; his body is miserable, so he makes someone fix it. His heart is miserable, how will he get it fixed? Fascinations keeps alluring. The allure causes misery, then man wants happiness. But the misery keeps following him. He wants freedom this misery he is fenced in, but while he is surrounded with pleasure.

It said that sin has increased on earth. Its not his sin. All of it belongs to others; he cannot see his own sins.

There is a fear that surrounds him every waking moment. A fear to lose his wealth, prestige and power. Then he starts walking in the maze of temples. He wants freedom from this fear, but the God carved out in stone can neither make any signs through his eyes, nor can he help him through words. Then he starts the walk to find liberation, the liberation market is always open and working well.

The wish for liberation has always been popular among humans. Every other person is a customer of liberation, every other person is waiting for it. These days most are standing in the long Que to get under the shadow of a Baba, Guru or an Aashram.

One sage tells you get to under his/her shelter and to make him/her your teacher. One sage tells you to remove all the alluring fascinations from your mind, and give away all you have to God. Since this sage is the 'Medium', you are told give away everything to him/her so that everything will be better. One sage talks about fixing the body and soul and makes a business out of it that's worth millions. One plays the trumpet of religion worldwide and raises the flags.

When people see their happiness and sadness with sage's eyes, they want the liberation package from him/her. But they do not find liberation even after buying the package. They want to get rid of the sins that are worth five hundred million by buying a 5rs package.

They think that by worshiping or making offerings, their sins shall be lighter.

On the other side, people are out in search for Paradise. Their masters have said that if you do this jihad then you will enter directly into heaven, there Huren will receive you. Allah's bandai believe these people and are ready to do anything they say.

Jannat, Swarg, Heaven, all are in search for them and those who sell these idea are great champions. I don't know for how long these popular pudiya's are being sold, but never saw anyone getting its full benefits.

If we make a list of popular items, then religion, ishwar, khuda and God will probably be at the forefront of the elements, that are given away saying they are the most precious in the whole world. Who knows how long this self have being going on and how long it will keep going.

Whether God exists or not, the knowledgeable ones are always engaged in this pursuit. All religions explains different ways to follow God, but Gods role is the same in all.

When the Vedas, the Upanishads, Puran, Bible, or the Kuran were written, they were not written for the market. Today his followers have decorated these religious text (the medium to God) in best-selling section. (In the Easy-A, Bible was shown in a bookstore being sold in best-selling section with the novel series Twilight; and these sort of things happens in real life too.) Thus religion and sacred idea of ​​God are forced to stand between the alluring world of fascinations. The natural law of God is to avoid illusion, the illusion that the man has now forced him into. Then how will a person find liberation?

Marx had once compared religion with opium. He had well said that religion was the out cry of human sufferings. That opium is now on super sell, Opium from religion than Marx ever had. He also told the roaring of the sufferings of human religion. Opium is now in the super-cell and the outcry has turned into a grand divine Kirtan, have turned into bhajan, in which all dances on the filmy tunes.

The market is worth more than millions. India is at the forefront. The poor do not have bread to eat, but he would have a sage. He is dependent on the sage, and then he is duped. The rich ones have many supports. They are the owner of the super sell.

Religion has always been an absolute inevitable sense, but has not always been used such say. There was discussion of religion along with wrongdoings. Now the wall between religion and irreligion has collapsed. Now is the collapsed wall between religion and irreligion. Today, even the unrighteous ones are righteous.

Many top consumer things seem very popular. Food, clothing, songs, movies, hero-heroin, decorative things, big house, and many more things are popular item. But there is no other item such as religion. These days as the money raises, religion has turned into a glamorous super item and have been decorated on the super sell.


  1. The religious person from my point is the one who is in search of truth. The path chosen by him depends upon his predisposition . The problem starts when the religions become organised start having followers rather than the seekers of truth. The true seeker is one who is driven by the quest for truth and not out of fear. The organised religions make you fearful and there comes the power play and politics.

    1. You caught the right point Abha. The saddest part is that no one voice out their thoughts as they are afraid to hurt other's feelings and so they follow those other people.

  2. Great content with a matching title..! Timely and relevant too!

    1. I started this blog with a thought that I would write about the most common topics, but the sad thing is that people are so afraid to voice out their thoughts (even as a comment) on the things that they know are wrong.

      Thank you for your comment, Amit :)