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Monday, 15 December 2014

Think about it..

These days, two topics are being highlighted a lot in our country, Women Safety and Clean India Campaign. Now lets mix up these two, "Clean India Campaign" = before cleaning the colonies, cities and the country, people should clean up the filth from their "Mind", "Nature" and "Thoughts". Getting rid of the narrow mentality is necessary. Most of the times its said that girls wear clothes two sizes too small, they use cellphones, they party out late and they laugh out loud in public places and what not weird and senseless reasons are given. But what I do not understand is why till this date, a man who goes loo  out in a public place (roadside, railway track, etc), who is sleeping in the park, who is partying out late, who is walking around without a shirt, or who is all alone in his house, do not get raped, kidnapped or teased by a woman. From the case of Dropadi to Damini, what did we learn? Nothing. Think about it...

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