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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Technology for safety

These days, everyone have a Whatsapp or a Twitter account. If those girls who have to do late night jobs or goes to late night parties does not have these accounts, then they should definitely make one and should add their family members and close friends in it. Day or night, when they have to take a taxi, if the route they have to take is long and they think it might not be that safe (there will not be much traffic or street lights), then they should take a picture of the taxi (with the taxi no.) and the taxi driver, before sitting inside it, and should share the pic with their family or friends. They should do the same with the bus (public or even the private one). If the driver asks you why you are clicking pictures, tell him the real reason, that you will be sharing these pics with your family and friends, for they are worried for your safety, since you are out so late. In case the driver tells you not to take any pictures, then you should definitely click one. And just as you reply to each joke or funny video, once you have reached home safely, you should immediately inform all those you have sent this message to, so that they won't worry too much.

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