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Monday, 22 December 2014

Thinkers thoughts on Corruption

Corruption is like a Speed Breaker in every country's growth rate. If the black money that is at the moment in foreign banks is collected and distributed properly, our country will be free from indebtedness. Every person in India will have their own house, there will be schools for children and each Indian citizen will live in amenity.

According to a survey, 10% of Indian citizen owns 75% of country's wealth. Corruption is said to be the reason for this imbalance. Middle Class and Lower Middle Class thinks that the Rich ones got black money from Corruption and one of the reason for Corruption is Black Money.

We see Corruption as Scams of Millions of Rupees, but we really need to understand where it really starts from.

It starts from filching water, electricity and tax, buying train ticket, gas cylinders and even movie tickets in black, giving donations to get admission in "Best schools/colleges", giving bribe to traffic police or highway poll booths, submitting fake documents in place of the real ones, giving and taking dowry, giving and taking bribe in government offices to get work done, traveling without ticket, no matter how weird it might look yet overloading automobile with people/baggage, all these are indicators of Corruption.

Many other small things such as these are the base of Outsized Scams.

Now the comprehensible thing that needs to be accepted honestly, is that the base for the outsized scams is created by the Middle Class and Lower Middle Class.

Let's take Big Scams as "Tsunami" and the Small Scams as "Overflowing Drains that surround us". Now give yourself an honest answer; what spoils your daily routine, the "Tsunami" that comes once an year or the "Overflowing Drains"? 

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