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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Think, think and think again

To fulfill the curse of Vrinda (wife of Jalandhar), lord Vishnu and lord Shiva created a character called "Ravan". He was a learned man; he may have kidnapped Sita but never once did he touched her. He did not just kidnapped her because she was a beautiful woman but he actually wanted to marry her. The truth is that, all this was the creation of the creators of this world. Indra disguised himself as Ahiliya's husband and than he raped her. Why don't we burn his mannequin every year? Today in every town women are getting kidnapped, raped and become victims of acid attacks. Can't you see the difference between Ravan and Today's Amoral? Has anyone ever showed the courage to burn the mannequins of the Delhi Rape Case Convicts or people like Asaram? Instead burning the characters of stories, we should burn the mannequins of people who we can actually see today. And only then will this society learn the real meaning of evil-doings.

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