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Monday, 12 October 2015

Humour missing from laughter



These days, many people are seen laughing at whatsapp jokes and then sharing them with friends. It is quite possible that most of these jokes are older than the word old, some are boring, some are vulgar, in fact after reading some, one would laugh thinking, "Was this supposed to be a joke?".


But the volatility after these jokes proves just how desperate the new generation is for laughter.


The thing is that despite the inequities, shortcomings, weaknesses, stereotypes and every day's fight, the common man is still alive because he knows how to laugh even when surrounded by sadness. In the pitch-black darkness of despair, his teeth continues flashing like lightning. He wants to laugh more and more, but the problem is that he want to search for laughter. He jumps towards the radio, pokes around the television, gets his pocket cut out in front of the cinema hall, searches for jokes. And though he ends up finding laughter in these artificial sources, that laughter is not from the heart. That's not laughter, that's a smile. A dramatic smile, that is as mechanical as the one of a receptionist or an air-hostess. This type of laughter doesn't tickle, as a real laughter does.


The thing is that there is a little bit battyness, a little bit of incongruity and even a little absurdity hidden in every human, and the dose of laughter is created by the mixture of these three. These spices are mixed anywhere and at any point of life. For laughter, not only "Sense of humor" is important but "Sense of timing" is important too. Those who have the talent to laugh and make others laugh too, they are not a slave to time-space or circumstances, and manage to bring colors with their talent in even the dullest topics.


There was a time when the Parliament was alive from Atal ji's, Lalu's and Balkavi Bairagi's comments. Today in the Parliament, builders, land mafia, criminal and chunking kinds of people have increased, because of which this place has turned into a party of a few litigious, indifferent and bored people.


What a strange thing it is that a common man's sense of humor is getting stronger, but in the digital media and cinema, his level is dropping. There was a time when, "Yai jo hai zindagi" and "Flop show" had made the audience roll with laughter, but in these day's comedy shows, men are told to wear salwar-kurta and saares, and then are given dialogs. To tell the audience that "Laugh brother laugh", a back-ground music of laughter is played.


When it came to laughter, radio used to be stingy. Now after the FM change, it has turned ridiculous. There was a time when "Hawa Mahal" had "Aaji sunti ho" types of husband-wife that created superficial comic situations; these days, jockeys keeps repeating cheesy jokes, and (if said in Mumbai's language) 'Wo paka daltai hai.


It is an art to recite a joke and its efficacy is hidden in the way it is presented. Before telling a joke, if you say "Wanna hear a joke?", then 60% of its air is blown away. The remaining in gone with the unnecessary litter, "I meant, which means, that said". Often the audience do not laugh openly at such jokes, they only laugh for the sake of it. There are some vicious ones that laughs thinking, "What type of joke has this idiot just said". There are some imprudent. They clearly say "Now tell me the next one". Does anyone ever laugh at the forced tickle? Laughter on such jokes are the same as the tears forced by glycerine.


Actually, humor is hidden within us, but that laughter only comes out when the mind is not stirred too much, but at the same time in every person's mind, a good job, a big house, expensive car, new mobile , an early promotion, fame.. all the hopes and aspirations such as these are screaming, creating a chaos.


Laughter is pressed deep under the weight of such. When the trash above is removed, only then will the nectar come out... or else SMS Zindabad!


  1. Yeh Jo hai zingagi used to be very nice. Flop Show I guess was the Jaspal Bhatti show. Don't remember the others.

    1. Sahi kaha Somali, Flop Show Jaspal Bhatti ka hi tha :)

      Paihali kai shows mai humor hota tha aur aik decency hoti thi, aaj jitni taizi sai channels aur shows badhtai jaa rahai hai, utni hi taizi sai humor aur decency gaayad hoti jaa rahi hai.