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Friday, 16 October 2015

Take a break from yourself

As we take a break to clean the house, for harvesting and pruning the garden, we should also take a break for the cleaning of the mind, to remove the weed that has grown in our mind. As we clean the trashcan of our house everyday, the same way think of all that you had done the whole day before you go to bed at night. The things that won't help us, throw them out of your mind so that your brain doesn't turn into a dustbin. When someone says anything bad to us, censures us, hurts us, we keep remembering it all. Stop this cud and throw out these useless thoughts.

Everyday, give your mind a holiday and throw out the bitter and pessimistic thoughts.

Give your mind a holiday every week, so that it could do a fair self-inspection.

Take a vacation every month, so that you could lessen hate, anger and bitterness from your personality, and could add laughter and joy.

Take a vacation every year, give yourself a fretted personality.

Every person gets at least sixty-five days off from work every year. Every person, old or young, needs a mental break. We get a holiday to avoid work, because we have gotten bored of what we do. Now the important question is, is this tediousness because of the workload, because of the boredom or because of the absence of interest. When there is too much work, we are buried under its weight. In this restlessness, we yearn for rest. We then live in stress and are disappointed from life.

Doing the same thing everyday in the same way, makes us tedious too. Out of boredom we search for a change. Sometimes even end up doing something we shouldn't have had done. To live a life we start doing any work we get our hands on, and our mind starts getting tired. We seek creativity to take our mind off of it.

For this we should change our ways.

Fill up energy in the way you do your work. We cannot change our field of work, the workplace, or the relations everyday, although what we can change is the way we do our work.

Everyone prays for a holiday from the bottom of their heart. At least one of our Gods must be busy for sure, to sanctioned the prayers of holidays requested by the government workers, scientists, soldiers..

But a vacation from what? Is it enough to get a break from the job? Is it enough for the kids to take a break from their studies, for the doctors to take a break from all the patients, for the officers to take a break from the office?

Do we get what we want from these holidays?

Stress, fatigue, anxiety raises in our minds. The fictional fears force us to live with worry. They are the ones that makes us tired, that squeezes every last bit of our energy.

So we should try to live in the present, which means the moment we are in, we should flow with it. The moment that is passing, spend it, instead of just passing through it.The time that passes, takes along the fertile soil of our energy and hope.

We need a holiday, a break, from ourselves, from the ghost of past, from the fear of the future, so that we could live in the present.


  1. Nice post. Regular practice of meditation and a routined life may help cleanse mind.

    1. While one always tries to make the body fit, with it one needs to clear and make the mind fit too. Thank you for you comment, Abhijit :)